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), also known as the red-rumped trogon or as the scarlet-rumped trogon, photographed in Malaysia. It has been cropped from the original so it has the correct dimensions for display on mobile media, especially on those pesky android phones -- please leave a note in comments letting me know if this picture does/does not appear on your mobile phones! Response: This is an adult male scarlet-rump trogon, is Greek for "nibbling").Question: This stunning Malaysian mystery bird has a call that many people have heard in Hollywood films, and therefore, they associate it with the tropics of the southern Pacific Ocean. The trogons, which are tropical species hat have a worldwide distribution, may in fact represent a basal radiation of Coraciiformes, a taxonomic order that includes the kingfishers, the Hoopoe, the bee-eaters, the rollers, and the hornbills.

The paper will focus on the acquisition and processing of the data and highlight their potential within the study of petroglyphs found on the statue.These medium-sized birds are either nocturnal or crepuscular and thus, are sometimes known in Malay as ("lazy bird") because they sleep during the day.They have long slender wings, short legs and very short bills, and they feed on flying insects that they catch on the wing either at night or at dawn/dusk.Special thanks to Tony Wu, Martin Edge, Marty Snyderman and Scott Gietler for judging the competition.SUPPORT OUR SPONSORSView list of winners' names "Blue Lasso" by Matty Smith 1st Place: Matty Smith2nd Place: Martin Steinmeier3rd Place: Troy Mayne4th Place: Tony Cherbas5th Place: Marco Gargiulo6th Place: Jung Sook Lamy HM: Michael Vogelsang HM: Marie-Elizabeth Mali 1st Place: Dennis Corpuz2nd Place: Giacomo Giovannini3rd Place: Lazaro Ruda4th Place: Lorenzo Terraneo5th Place: Irwin Ang6th: Francesco Pacienza HM: Shu Shu Ricky 1st Place: Tobias Dahlin2nd Place: Ellen Cuylaerts3rd Place: Yannick Gouguenheim4th Place: Brook Peterson5th Place: Gayle Van Leer HM: Mirko Zanni 1st Place: Joaquin Gutierrez 2nd Place: Renee Capozzola 3rd Place: Anders Salesjö4th Place: Francesco Visintin5th Place: Damien Mauric6th Place: Damien Mauric HM: Nicolas & Léna Remy HM: Jeff Milisen 1st Place: Gino Symus2nd Place: Eduardo Acevedo3rd Place: Gianni Colucci4th Place: Joaquin Gutierrez5th Place: Greg Lecoeur HM: Henley Spiers 1st Place: Jeong Sang Keun2nd Place: Pedro Carrillo3rd Place: Gino Symus4th Place: Pier Mane5th Place: Thomas Heckmann HM: Marco Fierli 1st Place: Catalin Craciun2nd Place: Markus Hunkel3rd Place: Ty Oliver4th Place: Ty Oliver5th Place: Markus Hunkel HM: Edoardo Errani 1st Place: Lawrence Alex Wu 2nd Place: Kenji Cheow 3rd Place: Stefano Cerbai 4th Place: Melody Chuang HM: Andrew Leighton HM: Curtis Bale 1st Place: Lawrence Alex Wu2nd Place: Stephen Holinski3rd Place: Abimael Márquez4th Place: Jack Berthomier HM: Stefano Cerbai HM: Chandy de Wit 1st Place: Stephen Holinski 2nd Place: Pietro Cremone 3rd Place: Juan Pablo Plaza 4th Place: Lawrence Alex Wu HM: Andrea FalcomatàHM: Ilaria Gonelli 1st Place: Rafael Cosme2nd Place: Albert Sáiz Tezanos3rd Place: Christian Gloor4th Place: Dennis Corpuz5 Place: Ian Chow HM: Vania Kam 1st Place: Chad Tamis2nd Place: Kelvin Tan H.

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