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Our cultural demographic is shifting, and as our aging population is living much longer, there is a greater likelihood that you may outlive your spouse for a long enough period where you feel you may want to date again.

And this Boomer generation is an active one, so sports and other activities that cost little or no money are always available to you. It’s not easy at any stage, but for baby boomers who may be giving love a second or third go round, it’s more of a challenge. Married for twenty years, Felice went through a divorce and suddenly found herself dating again.The generation that began the free love revolution in the 60’s, has found many of its own divorced by the 90’s. In fact, according to a Time article from November 2010, “At, the 50-to-65 age group is the online dating site’s fastest-growing demographic, up 89% in the last five years.” Here are stories from some who know the trials and tribulations of boomer dating. The 50-something from Washingtonville dreads dating. “Dating is harder now than when I was in my twenties,” says Felice.“However, there was this one date that my friend set me up on,” jokes Felice, “We won’t talk about that one.”One Hudson Valley Boomer who has had success using online dating is Hugh Ford.Hugh is a 50-year-old who will not be single for much longer. Right and interestedly enough, she lives “across the pond.” Since his divorce three years ago, Hugh met women through friends and at local bars.

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