Cambodja sexslave

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She remembers a home that looked fancy on the outside but ominous on the inside, a dark maze of bare chambers. Her name is Sreypich Loch, and she was a slave in a Cambodian brothel. Loch, now around 20 years old, managed to escape that world and works today to rescue other girls.She remembers the parade of men, one after the other, day by day, forcing her to have sex. If she refused sex, she says, she would be beaten, shocked with an electric cord, denied food and water. She helps grab them out of brothels, and she hosts a radio show in Phnom Penh, giving the girls a forum for their stories.It was reported by the Post in 1997 and subsequently publicized throughout South Korea, gaining Hun the sympathy and help she needed to finally return to her home.Born in 1924 as Lee nam-Yi, she was forced to leave Korea in 1943 and serve as a sex slave in Phnom Penh for two years.This is her grim, painful and yet phenomenal story. She was tied up and biting ants were let loose on her.Some of Chan's early memories were of a happy childhood, with five siblings and doting parents and a house in the rural district of Koh Thom and their rice fields. But he died when she was five and things began to change swiftly. She was terribly unhappy; all the love drained out of our lives. They had to move out of their house and into a shack. She was also whipped with an electric cable and finally she said yes.

Photographers rushed to snap photos of the diminutive, wrinkled figure dressed in pink traditional Korean han bok robes. Every Korean person knows her," said Frank Kang, a Korean businessman active in the Supporter's Association who was accompanying her home.GRANDMA HUN JUST one year ago, Leng Hun, 74 - known as "Grandma Hun" to just about everyone - said: "I've had a miserable, terrible life.If I hadn't believed in the Buddha I would have jumped in a pond and committed suicide." Yet on April 30, the former "comfort woman" from Korea said she couldn't be happier now.He made the same threat, she says: tell anyone and die. She’s not sure how much time had passed since the assaults, she says, as she was just a child and memories fade. I think: she does not love me.”Loch ran away from home, having lost faith in her family, she says. “I couldn’t see light, just dark.”Her eyes fill with water at the thought of it. ” Loch’s story mirrors that of many rescued Cambodian girls, who report being drugged, locked in coffins, whipped, even covered with biting insects in order to make them submit to sex.But she has a vivid memory of her mother’s response. She remembers a heavy rainfall and the feeling of not knowing where to go. Then she pauses, closes her eyes for a moment, and continues. “I tell pimp, please kill me.” Then she adds, “I am people. While their stories can be difficult to verify independently, the U. State Department confirms that the enslavement of girls in Cambodia is pervasive.

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