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I will guide you through a pleasurable experience, exploring the paths of passion and sensuality together.

I'm fun and sweet, have a great sense of humor and love to make a guy love as much as I like to make him cum.

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Charlotte forces Trey to see a sex therapist to cure his impotence. Carrie meets a new man, Wade Adams, at a comic store, and falls in love with his fabulous apartment, but not with his mother.

Carrie's gorgeous younger boyfriend Wade "Superboy" Adams is a comics-shop-clerk who makes her feel young again, as they do teen- and tween-things together, or perhaps too young: he still lives with his devoted parents...

Meanwhile Charlotte resorts to heavy medical therapy for Trey's sexual non-performance, and gets surprising results.

In it,we get to see a lot of funny scenes like when Carrie smokes pot when she dates Wade,a man who still lives with his parents.

Added to that,we also see how Samantha meets 13-year olds who are also sexually active like she is and gives her tips on sex.

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