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“In the smallest, you will find a master, whom the deepest in you can never satisfy.” (Rilke) Artists around the world seem to be reacting to the arid materialism promoted in Western art in recent decades.

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In fact, of her estimated 300 works, only 50 paintings still remain (preserved… Why are we fascinated by Chagall, the great artist of the Imagination who spanned many art movements, Cubism, Fauvism, Surrealism, and yet who was always free enough to be totally himself and never bounded by any orthodoxy of style?Coleman, who plays the British monarch alongside Hughes as Prince Albert, looked stunning in a gothic inspired outfit at the event which was hosted in the fittingly royal setting of Kensington Palace.The drama will follow the late Queen – who Coleman described as “impulsive and tempestuous” – during her ascension to the throne aged 18 and her marriage to Albert.There was passion, an attempt at regicide, a heartbreak and even a royal birth!Nothing short of brilliant, and jam-packed with drama it was too. The central relationship between Victoria (Jenna Coleman) and Albert (Tom Hughes) came back to the fore once again this week, and delivered on every level: it amused us, it entertained it us and it even made us cry a bit – well, a lot.

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