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Even worse were the near-misses, the people who seemed amazing but disappeared into the ether after a handful of dates, or the Crouching Stud, Hidden Douchebags who seemed great at first glance but proved to be assholes in disguise.There were the dates that were so bad they crushed the soul, the long parade of assholes, game-players and just plain toxic individuals who would be better off buried in unmarked landfills inscribed with dire warnings to alert future generations to the dangers.Don’t let the men who hurt you or the relationships that failed dictate your dating life now, or dictate your future with a lovely man.The right man who is worthy of a relationship with you is out there!

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Deep down, when you really examine your deepest desires, are attracting quality guys and finding real love with a loyal and committed man important to you? After years of unsuccessful dating, bad relationships, choosing the wrong men over and over again, and ending up disappointed, it’s totally understandable that many women suffer from “dating burnout!

If dating has become a part-time job for you, it may be time to step back."I'm just not going to date for awhile" is a frequent refrain I hear from my clients.

There's often a lack of enthusiasm and resolve in the delivery, signaling ambivalence.

Or perhaps you've lowered the bar too much and your dates really aren't interesting.

In either case, it's time to focus on something else.

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