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Students intending to enroll in a Online DVD course, please be aware that DVDs are being mailed out a week before the quarter starts.Please register early and make any changes to your schedule (drop/adds) at least two weeks before the quarter begins so the right DVDs are sent to you in time for the quarter start date.EFT or credit card payments can be made at the Student Activity Center by clicking on the following link: grace.The Business Office offers an affordable approach to paying for each semesters balance.Students or parents can enroll in a semester monthly payment plan in the Student Account Center by clicking on the following link: grace.

The first month's rent is prorated on a per-day basis beginning on the date of occupancy.

Once you have registered for a class you are expected to complete the work and attend all class meetings. If a student fails to drop a course prior to the drop deadline, but does not satisfactorily complete sufficient course requirements to earn a passing grade, the student will receive a failing grade unless the student has petitioned and been granted permission to withdraw without academic penalty by the Administrative Committee.

Grace College & Seminary offers the following payment options to students: The Business Office accepts payment through the form of cash, check(s) made payable to Grace Schools, and credit cards (Visa, Discover, or Master Card).

The refund is also subject to additional cleaning/damage charges incurred upon move out.

A list of move-out guidelines can be found on our website as well.

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