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In the Normal View of the request resource in the FIM Portal, the Request Status Detail attribute is named Request Workflow Remarks.If the information included in the Request Status Detail attribute does not clearly indicate an error in an authentication or authorization workflow, search for terminated authentication and authorization workflows associated with the request.Click “setup”, “security” and then “privilege delegation”.Currently I have only one active agent (it’s the agent installed on OEM Cloud Control server), so I’ll configure privilege delegation for it. Select “sudo”, enter “/usr/bin/sudo -u %RUNAS% %COMMAND%” as sudo command. So we said that this host supports sudo for privilege delegation but in fact, we haven’t configured sudo yet.Less Than Dot is a community of passionate IT professionals and enthusiasts dedicated to sharing technical knowledge, experience, and assistance.Inside you will find reference materials, interesting technical discussions, and expert tips and commentary.If no MPR granting permissions to the requested operation exists, review the existing MPR configuration and consider changing it to allow the request.To verify if the request failed authentication or authorization, start by opening the denied request and viewing the Applied Policy page.

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Having the ability to execute xp_cmdshell exposes operating system level access.Post ID=112469&Site ID=1It sounds like either you haven't installed SP1, you don't have SSIS installed and generated the code through the import/export wizard in Management Studio, or it's a bug that I don't know much about (well, even less than I gleaned by poking around via google). Did you run the Import/Export wizard from your local machine, against a SQL Server Enterprise Edition SP3 server, or you're ON the server importing from there and to there?Hope this helps, Rick Todd OK, I read through the thread on that URL I posted earlier. Rick Todd @ rick I am on remote server with sql server 2005 sp3 installed on it... OLEDB.4.0" for linked server "(null)" indicates that either the object has no columns or the current user does not have permissions on that object.We can manually enter required information of host or we can use auto-discovery method. Nmap requires root privileges to be able to use raw sockets for “Syn Scanning” (a method to detect open ports through firewalls).If we’ll use auto discovery, we need an active agent to discover targets in network. So we need to configure “privilege delegation” in the host of our agent (which we’ll use for scanning).

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