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Vitruvius, a Roman author and engineer, wrote the oldest extant design manual in 27 BC.

De architectura libri decem (Ten Books on Architecture) addressed design theory, landscape architecture, engineering, water supply, and public projects, such as parks and squares.

Creating beauty and sustenance in a backyard or community garden through organic gardening practices is more than just a serious hobby; it’s a means of truly engaging as producers in a decentralized local food system.

Organic flower gardening is also a means of building up the local ecology, including bee populations and beneficial insects.

Some still consider these elements essential to quality design of landscape.

Of the surveyed respondents, 43.6% indicated that they used Master Gardeners in either one or both of these capacities.

Respondents also indicated a high interest (49.6%) in obtaining Master Gardener training. Speaking for the trees: The use of literature to convey outdoor education themes.

Adults and youth (ages 16 and under) can submit original photographic prints.

The winners and the judges’ favorites will be displayed in September.

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    First-time grandparents, like first-time parents, may wonder how to succeed in their new roles.