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And there’s a lot of people that go into that decision,” Tyra discloses. But they’ll still be there because my partner [ANTM executive producer] Ken Mok and I, we have projects that we’re developing, and we’re a family, so it doesn’t end.”WILL YOU WATCH THE SHOW WITHOUT TYRA’S “GUYS?” OR DO YOU THINK THIS IS THE BEGINNING OF THE END FOR ANTM?star EXCLUSIVELY revealed that he is going through a TERRIBLE ordeal with his 3-year-old home in Connecticut.[ Video: Jay Manuel Talks ANTM All-Stars ] According to the insider, Jay's dream house, which was once featured on an episode of We've seen plenty of memes and GIFs created in response to the Jay Z and Solange elevator brawl… But even better, a video recently surfaced of 50 Cent recreating the lost audio from the post-Met Gala moment — and it's totally NSFW!In his new book (which hits shelves today), he writes: "The experience has enriched my life beyond imagination."Find out what stars were rumored to be pregnant -- but aren't He said his son is "an incredibly smart child. He refuses to drink out of plastic and will use only glass." One of Miss J's proudest moments as a father?See photos of today's top news stories "He insists on wearing nice shoes," he writes.Barker addressed his departure in a blog post Thursday night.“Many of you have come to know me over the past eight years on the show, during which we have shared numerous amazing adventures,” he wrote.

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Gone are the days when photos like this will arbitrarily pop up during Evans' replacement is a hardied veteran of the show, however — Miss J. Despite being fired two cycles ago (along with Jay Manuel and Nigel Barker), Tyra has now brought Miss J. She announced the news via Instagram, framing his return as a result of fans' demand, rather than say, no-one else being available.

Watch an exclusive video of Miss J revealing that he's a father!

The former model said he and his ex-boyfriend Alex -- whom he dubbed "the doctor" -- were both sperm donors.

The latest to speak out is Miss J Alexander, but unlike Nigel Barker he took a more comical approach to address the abrupt firing.

The runway coach diva said: singer has spent the week in court after radio DJ David Mueller sued her, her mother, Andrea Swift, and her radio promotions director, Frank Bell, for up to million for allegedly ruining his career.

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