Outlook 2016 calendar appointments not updating

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Does anyone have any suggestions on what I need to look at next?

(Reboot, cleanup, virus scan all have been done too).

The following sections provide an overview of the process and what information and logging configurations are needed when you work through the different stages of your support case.

For calendar issues that cannot be easily reproduced, you will need to gather and provide a lot of data for the Microsoft support engineer to effectively troubleshoot the issue.

There are advanced methods that Microsoft support engineers use to analyze and determine the cause of several common issues related to the Microsoft Office Outlook calendar feature when you are using a Microsoft Exchange Server mailbox.

To effectively troubleshoot a calendar issue, the support engineer will need a lot of information about your environment.

We have an issue with shared calendars, they've been picked up from the upgrade from Outlook 2013 which is fine, they open and can be viewed but we cannot edit items in those calendars.

Saving anything to them generates this error: "Sorry, we're having trouble opening this item.

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I have rebuilt his OST thinking there was a problem with the file but he is still not able to view the calendars consistently.Recently my i-phone 5 stopped updating my outlook calendar.I can update on the phone and it transfers to my computer but not vice-versa. SOME events show up with the change and others do not. The old event is still present, but the changed and updated event is also present.For one, Outlook's calendar, which Microsoft had earlier confirmed would replace Sunrise, now has a design that looks much more like the old Sunrise app than previous versions.The in-app calendar uses colored icons that will look familiar to Sunrise users.

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