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During the winter season, the center offers an observation platform for visitors to observe manatees in the wild without disturbing them.

Information is also available about our Big Bend Power Station.

Plug it in, link it to an account, and then you can access it from the web or a smartphone as well as setting up automatic recording.

Keeping those recordings will cost you at least a month, though.

These don’t require you connect the camera to a computer or any other device — you just need the camera and an Internet connection.

Google’s Nest Cam works this way — Nest actually purchased Dropcam, which pioneered this.

They help you keep in touch with your loved ones and stay up to date on what's going on in the world.

The problem is that like everything else that's useful, they cost money to use, and between calling, texting, and data plans, it can get really expensive.

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Travel 2.5 miles west to the curve intersection of Big Bend and Dickman roads, view map .Think of the voice messages as short snippets of a real phone conversation.All you need is a wireless network or a data connection and you can talk to friends and even contacts that don't have a Facebook account.Tampa Electric takes great pride not only in providing sanctuary for the manatee at our Big Bend Power Station, but also in contributing to boater education and public awareness.The public is invited to learn more about conservation of manatees, coastal waterbirds and the ecosystem by visiting the Environmental Education Building at the Manatee Viewing Center.

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