Radiocarbon dating pedogenic carbonates

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2600 Australia), AC(Department of Physical Chemistry, University of Sydney, N. Multiple dates from the same horizon, and from carbonates in vertical sequence in the same exposure, were used to test the reliability of those dates.

2006 Australia) Radiocarbon dates from pedogenic carbonate in the southern Strzelecki Desert of South Australia are several thousand years too young, a conclusion contrary to previous work which suggested dates on such material were reasonably reliable within the semi-arid zone, or several thousand years too old in the arid zone.

Soil inorganic carbon (SIC) was frequently disregarded because (1) it is partly heritage from soil parent material, (2) it undergoes slow formation processes and (3) has very slow exchange with atmospheric CO.

Considering the origin, formation processes and morphology, carbonates in soils are categorized into three groups: geogenic carbonates (GC), biogenic carbonates (BC) and pedogenic carbonates (PC).

In this review we summarize the available data and theories on forms and formation processes of PC and relate them to environmental factors.

AA(Department of Mines and Energy, South Australia, P.

5063 Australia), AB(Department of Biogeography and Geomorphology, Australian National University, P.

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