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'Cuz I'm above it When I step back into the vids The fans love it And I'm representing everything that Rooster Teeth is Like a frontrunner For the whole Achievement Hunter biz So keep on interrupting Everything that people say Half time, making content Full time, wasting space Go ahead, come at me With whatever you brought Before I slam you down Like the bottom of a shot And rip you up, ship you up Back home to your wife Like the funniest thing I've ever seen in my entire life I'm lining up a shot And aiming to score Wipe you out like I'm matching colors Up in Gems of War The OG G is pulling From his bag of tricks Get a kick out of slick rhymes sticking Like they're hot as dicks The 'Things To Do' we do Happen to be Like your career: Both of them wouldn't be without the help of me Verse 2: Jack Patillo And so the foot fits In a familiar shoe Geoff Ramsey taking credit For what other people do I built up a legacy In my very own way So, surprise, motherfucker Jack's here to stay You stumble through what you build And you handle it sloppily I'm building up more houses Than Mr.

Monopoly Good luck taking the win With those ridiculous lines My rhymes are like the asses on my characters: Damn fine I am AH I'm its voice and its face, so I live the high life Like I'm bathing in queso I love seeing fans decked out In their T's Like Achieve shirts So long as they're rocking the OG And making the games?

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For Rooster Teeth, they understand that video games are now an accepted form of entertainment and have provided all forms of it for the last 14 years.They’ve created their own cartoon series based off of the Halo franchise called ‘Red Vs.Rooster Teeth, known for its popular animated web series “Red vs.“Video games, and video game content, are forms of entertainment for her.She doesn’t know cable TV, but she does understand Netflix and Hulu.”Everybody these days is a video game player, according to Ramsey.

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