Teen dating violence 2016

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A conviction of a teen dating violence offense in California can have serious long-term consequences.

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Each year, one in ten teenagers reports being the victim of teen dating violence.

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, 1 in 4 adolescents experiences verbal, physical, emotional, or sexual abuse from a dating partner each year. Dating violence includes any behavior that is used to manipulate, gain control, gain power; cause fear, or make a dating partner feel bad about himself or herself.

Consequences of Dating Violence Young people who experience abuse are more likely to be in fights or bring weapons to school, have higher rates of drug and alcohol abuse, and engage in high-risk sexual behaviors.

by Staff Teen violence is real, and is a big part of a teenager’s life in the society we live in today.

It can include things like dating someone who is violent, who slaps them around frequently, to other teens in school beating on them.

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