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To further detail about the application I am working on, I am developing a chat facility having the contact(s) displayed with their availability status (whether Online, Offline, etc.) per account.The question is, how can I update the displayed text of a particular node without (at most) removing it from it's parent and adding it on it's designated index. Under root node I have four nodes and one of them ("Operations") can have 0 to many children.This is set by user via editable list in separate window opened on users request.Like a If everything is executed on the same thread (which should be the case), all operations will be sequential.Worst thing that could happen is that it could be slow if it gets updated too often, but updates will run one after the other.-1 a) updating the model off the EDT b) reload instead of triggering a changed c) (minor issue) visual decoration inside the node - don't override to String for view reasons, that's the task of the renderer Perhaps if you use 'node Changed()' instead of 'reload()' you will get the effect you desire.

There are also other methods on Default Tree Model that only cause redrawing to take place.(But if that node isn't visible, it changes nothing.) That is called a 'structure change'.'insert Node Into()' and 'remove Node From Parent()' modify the tree structure by adding or removing the node and then redrawing.I also tried puting it in another thread like that: Is the only line of code that you need.If it doesn't work then it means that the tree variable does not contain a reference to the tree that was added to the GUI. ELProperty.create("$"), task Data Tree, org.jdesktop.beansbinding. Bean Property.create("model")); binding Binding(binding);maybe there's a way of updating my jtree using this binding?

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