Updating an ibook

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The machines came with either Combo or Super Drive optical drives.

As with all of Apple's consumer level ("i" series) machines, they are not very upgradeable. The G4 i Books are OSX only, so cannot boot into OS9.

Since we are talking about settings, if you are new to using i Books on your i Pad, please make sure that your Auto-lock settings are appropriately set, otherwise, you will find that the screen would go dark after a bit.

Accessing the store now simply jumps to a new window where titles can be purchased.i Books version 3.2 for both i Phone and i Pad is now available for download from the i OS App Store.The free update ditches the skeuomorphic look of its predecessor in favor of a simplified appearance.Apple decided to ditch the G3 from its whole range in October 2003, as it introduced G4 power to the consumer portable range.An improved logic board supporting DDR RAM and Airport Extreme gave the machine an overall faster feel.

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